About the book - Psychotherapy and the Fully Functioning Person

Long before there were "empirically supported treatments" or randomized clinical trials of psychotherapy, a group at the University of Chicago was conducting the first psychotherapy research, led by Carl Rogers.

Jules Seeman was there at the beginning, as an early Research Coordinator for this project. In this new volume of unpublished and previously-published works, and new essays, Dr. Seeman takes us on a journey from the very beginnings of psychotherapy research, through a long career studying optimal functioning (the precursor of what is now called "positive psychology"), and capping it off with chapters synthesizing work on optimal functioning and human systems.

The book illustrates how central elements of a person's behavioral systems are integrally linked, and how it is possible to intervene at different points of the human system to affect other behavioral systems within the person. Using detailed narratives and excerpts from humanistic-experiential psychotherapy cases, the book integrates an understanding of therapy and research in a way that exemplifies the scientist-practitioner model.

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