Personality Integration

This book, first published in 1983, is a collection of studies covering a period of 35 years, concerning the characteristics of highly effective persons. These studies were conducted by the author and his students, starting with his work at the University of Minnesota and University of Chicago, and continuing at George Peabody College (now part of Vanderbilt University).

This body of research began with an interest in the theory of psychotherapy put forward by Carl Rogers, and a desire to discover the characteristics of what Rogers called "The Fully Functioning Person." Over time the research program evolved beyond the realm of psychotherapy, looking at what characterizes highly effective people in a variety of settings and across the age span.

The studies described in this book cover different sub-systems of the person -- physiological, perceptual-cognitive, and interpersonal -- leading to what Dr. Seeman would later synthesize as the Human System Model.